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How to avoid travel theft.

Travel resources contain many stories about thefts in various cities and countries, which scares off potential tourists. However, there are different ways to maximize protect yourself and save money and valuables from robbers …

How to avoid travel theft. Unevious lifehacks
In every popular tourist town, there are scammers and robbers. They tear down bags from tourists, get into pockets and simply extort money in all possible and impossible ways. Now all the historical centers are patrolled by the police, there is a tourist police in large settlements. Tourists face thefts less and less. But there are several good ways to help save nerves and resist popular methods of theft and divorce.
1. Backpack instead of a bag with short handles.
A backpack is a necessary thing if you are going to independently explore new places. Best of all is a roomy, sporty model with comfortable inside pockets, handled in dimensions. Robbers in popular tourist cities often pull out of their hands and tear off bags with short handles from their shoulders, while ripping a backpack from their backs is impossible. It is also convenient because you can put all the shopping bags in it and free your hands. In crowded places, it is better to put a backpack on your chest. Also, do not wear a belt bag: pickpockets know that money and documents are stored there. Money can be kept in a small postman bag on a long strap over the shoulder.

In crowded places, it is better to put a backpack on your chest.

2. Soft textile wallet
Even if you are accustomed to your favorite Montblanc wallet made of genuine crocodile leather, it is undesirable to take it on a journey and fill it with national currency: it immediately catches the eye of pickpockets who are carefully watching tourists near the souvenir shops. In addition, a hard wallet is easily felt in a bag and goes through a slit in the fabric. It is better to use instead of a purse a cheap flat cosmetic bag from a textile on the lock, in which the notes fit in the unfolded form. This is not very convenient, given the fact that the coins are in the same compartment with the bills, but such purses do not attract the robbers: they are sure that there is practically no money there. Just in case, remove the wallet in your inner pocket or on the bottom of a backpack and do not check its presence every ten minutes with a panic in your eyes. And, of course, do not carry with you all the available cash – the money should be kept in a safe or in the secret compartment of your pocket.

Cheap flat cosmetic cosmetics on the lock

3. Lock on the suitcase
Sometimes guests of hotels and guest houses complain that their staff has been robbed. You should not trust such reviews: it is possible that unscrupulous tourists want to take revenge on their owners in this way. The owners of the accommodation facilities highly value their reputation and want to receive high marks and positive reviews on Booking, Agoda, TripAdvisor: a large number of guests will bring them a much higher income than the stolen iPhone of the latest model.

But, if you do not have a safe in your room, and a combination lock on the suitcase, take for locking the small locks with keys that are freely put on the lightning pawls. Hang one lock on the suitcase and take the key with you. The second lock can be hung on a backpack. The key in this case is convenient to carry around your neck instead of the suspension.

Small locks with keys that are loosely attached to zipper dogs

4. Neutral clothing
Experienced robbers easily distinguish expensive branded clothing from the mass market. In their understanding, a dearly dressed person always has a lot of money with him. When traveling, it is better not to demonstrate your high status and financial status. The subject of your pride may entail increased interest from the representatives of the lower strata of the local community. It is better not to wear clothes with screaming labels, gold jewelry and watches for a walk around popular tourist sites: you should not strive to cause envy. It is not necessary to buy things for a trip to the cheapest stores – just choose neutral things of sports or urban style.

Neutral things of a sporty or urban style

5. Attention when paying
Often thefts are committed after making any payment by the buyer. Pickpockets wait for their victims near the cash registers and watch where they put their wallet. At this point, you can not be distracted by talking, and the wallet must be hidden deeper, especially if there are nearby individuals of dubious appearance. And when someone comes very close and does not leave you alone, it is better to pay for the purchase from the card. If you often travel, it is advisable not to take along a plastic card with contactless technology payWave or PayPass: until you find a loss and get through to the bank, someone can already use your money.

If you travel frequently, it is advisable to pay with a bank plastic card.

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